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What Matters is your MIND

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Illustration of stories in the mind

All through my childhood, I was known to everyone by the unenviable moniker of “Fatman”. It was a play on both my size, and the new and popular Batman series of the time. I lived a daily diet (☺) of fat jokes, taunts, and mocking. It wasn’t that I was ostracized or not part of a strong social circle – in fact I had lots of “friends” – as odd as that may sound.

The reality is that it all seemed normal to me and in fact, I actually embraced having an “identity” in my community. As I look back now, I know I didn’t see how that experience shaped the narrative I carried about myself, and more importantly how it shaped the way I experienced life. The limiting beliefs and assumptions that I carried for many years, hindered me from stepping into my passion and full potential.

As an adult, my self-awareness grew, as did my resolve to break free from that internal dialogue. My “stories” were well rooted and on their face, felt like absolute truths – not open to alternate interpretations or questioning.

Fast forward to today and I find myself in a place of living for opportunities – no longer living from place of having to “overcome”. I won’t bore you with the “how”, as that is not the point. What I am inviting to you consider is how this type of transformative change is life altering.  

Our stories, wherever they come from and no matter how deeply rooted CAN be changed and it is very often NOT as difficult as you (and others) might think. I believe we are all capable of creating our own unique narrative – one that supports us in finding and living our purpose. If I could do it, ANYBODY can.

For me one of the biggest life decisions that has come out of this journey was the decision, at 54 years old to leave a Global VP role and all the “security” and “prestige” that afforded, to leave and start my own executive coaching practice. I was terrified and exhilarated all at the same time. People around me thought I was crazy (and I have to admit I had my moments as well).

It was the manifestation of me stepping into my passion and full potential. I was clear on what my purpose was and I was determined to BE what I was intended to BE.

I work with a lot of people who are considering and/or struggling with finding their path to make the shift to entrepreneurship. While the skill and knowledge around that change is very important, I am convinced it is all secondary to getting clear on the mindset you are holding. How is your mindset hindering you or helping you in living your dream? What stories are you holding and how are they serving you? If your mind was clear and your resolve strong, what would be different for you?

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