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What Choice Are You Making?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Its 3:30am in the morning and I am lying wide awake, in my bed, while on a holiday Riverboat cruise in Europe!

Why am I awake?

As I here trying to get back to sleep my mind wanders and in typical entrepreneur fashion, I start to think about my business. Still struggling to fully disconnect and enjoy my holiday, and time with my wife, I start to think about what are my next sources of revenue after I complete the engagements currently on the go. As I lie here I find myself at a critical juncture in my thinking, and I have learned that the route I choose to go will determine the amount, the volume, and perhaps most importantly, the attractiveness of the work I will ultimately do. The choices are evident but the decision is not always easy. I can choose to think from a place scarcity, or from abundance.

The choice is mine, and what I have learned is that this choice is made very early on in our thinking process, even when lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. The choice I make sets me up for success or failure.

For me, scarcity always ends with disappointment, frustration, and ultimately failure. I define failure as not having as much of the type work, with the type of client, that I want! It leads to not being fulfilled in what I do. When coming from a place of scarcity, I take on whatever works shows up, with whomever is asking for it. There is no space for patience or discretion when you believe you must take what you can get – whatever comes your way. Rooted in the belief that there is not enough out there for everybody, it is very heavy place to be living from.

Abundance on the other hand, allows for unlimited possibilities. It creates room to be patient knowing that the opportunity in front of you at this moment, is not the only one. If it isn’t a fit, that’s ok, the right opportunity will show up, at the right time.

I believe the pull towards scarcity as a choice has something to do with our need for control. Somehow we feel more in control (or perhaps less out of control) when we take whatever work presents itself. We fool ourselves into thinking that because we made the choice to take it, we are in control. In fact real control and freedom (a true paradox) comes from a place that feels less intuitive and often more uncomfortable. Scarcity results in a reaction. It often robs us the opportunity to live our purpose. Abundance provides fulfillment of purpose but requires faith and trust. In the end it is abundance that really meets our need for control.

Where in your life are you reacting to what is immediately in front of you rather than holding out for what is the BEST for you (and the clients)? What would be different if you reclaimed control of your life and operated from a belief of endless possibilities? I know what choice I am making – it allows me to smile, roll over to go back to sleep so I am well rest to see enjoy the tulips in Holland tomorrow!!

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