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How Mentor Coaching Improves Your Coach Performance

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Do you want to grow to your full potential as a coach?

Mentor coaching is a great way to invest in your career and yourself. Not only does mentor coaching benefit you in a business sense, it is also a great asset for your personal growth. Whether you want to prepare for credentialing or just improve your coaching skills, mentor coaching can be a wonderful way to deepen your capacity.

Personalized feedback

Mentor coaching allows you to receive feedback that you would not get anywhere else. Through live action coaching and other critiques, a mentor coach can help you hone in your communication skills. You can also focus on your as a coach and fine tune them to grow your coaching brilliance.

Elevated self-awareness

The right mentor coach will offer you insight and space for you to reflect on your coaching. With the right mentor coach, you will gain new confidence in your own performance, and be invigorated by your abilities.

Take coaching to the next level

No matter how much experience you have as a coach, it is never a bad thing to gain more insight. A mentor coach can help you create an entirely new lens for your work and what you have to offer. You can also learn how deepen your coaching competencies.

Look at the bigger picture

Mentor coaching is designed to help you view your work in a brand new scope, and with much improved clarity and confidence. You will begin to focus on what you can bring to the table, instead of what you should bring to the table.

Mentor coaching encourages a safe, supportive environment for learning. With guidance, you’ll be able to help your clients arrive at the best possible agenda for sessions and agreements.

Live Big Coaching offers monthly retainer mentor coaching packages that include 3-way calls with your client and myself. I observe you coaching for 30 minutes and then coach you for 30 minutes. Or, if you prefer, we offer another option: You record (using our conference line) a 60-minute coaching conversation with your client. I listen to the recording and then coach you for 60 minutes.

Let’s book a time to chat today about mentor coaching options.

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