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Coaching helps bring clarity and focus to your life and your career by allowing you to uncover your true essence so that you can reflect on who you are in the work that you do.

It assists you in bringing about change in the world, lives and organizations by supporting you to embrace authenticity and applaud vulnerability.

Coaching is not about giving you the roadmap; it is about empowering you to create your own map, one that will lead you to your desired destination.


Leadership Coaching

We often come across someone who is wanting to grow into being a more authentic leader and they need help creating an environment that supports that. We help you examine what it means to be an authentic leader, what risks are associated with that, and how you can fully commit to this new path.

We love working with people who are at a real stage of transition; from emerging leaders to senior executives looking for that next challenge, we help you figure out what’s next. We believe the journey starts by examining where you are at now and what your long term vision is going to look like.


Ready to explore Leadership Coaching? Let's chat.

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"Bruce is without a doubt the most effective executive coach I have ever worked with. His ability to help executives (who are willing to be helped) will be a tremendous asset to those who partner with him.."

Rick Culbert | Chief Operating Officer | Canada


Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching is all about helping others develop skills to integrate into their own unique coaching approach. 

We are a thinking partner for coaches, a mentor who witnesses their coaching style and then provides feedback on what we observe, helping them target and refine their approach.

Who coaches the coach? That’s what mentor coaching is all about—it’s coaches helping coaches become better at what they do.

Book a call to explore how mentor coaching can serve you in your coaching practice. 

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