Mentor Coaching

Who you are: You are a coach, or a coach-in-training, looking to develop your skills and reflect on your practice.

Coach training is all about helping others develop skills to integrate into their own unique coaching approach. I heBruce mentor coachinglp coaches build confidence around their own practice and offer them support to better hone their skills.

We are a thinking partner for coaches, a mentor who witnesses their coaching style and then provides feedback on what we observe, helping them target and refine their approach.

Who coaches the coach? Running a coaching business and keeping your skills ever improving can be daunting. If your profession is all about helping others reach for greatness, it’s especially important to walk the talk yourself. That’s what mentor coaching is all about—it’s coaches helping coaches become better at what they do.

If you’re a coach looking to:

  • Get one-on-one support and feedback to grow your coaching brilliance
  • Invest in yourself and your career
  • Fine tune your coaching in general or prepare for credentialing

…then mentor coaching with Bruce would be a tremendous asset for your personal growth and business. Bruce acts as your secret weapon and partner, sharing his years of learning and insights to build your coaching skills, self awareness and business. Bruce is a certified mentor coach with a deep passion for supporting coaches to grow into their full potential.

Mentor Coaching Package Options:

One of the things that makes Live Big Coaching unique is our absolute and unwavering commitment to seeing you succeed. We know that Band Aid solutions don’t work and we are dedicated to ensuring the investment you are making is yourself yields powerful sustainable results. As part of this approach, we do not sell piecemeal coaching hourly, but rather work in an ongoing monthly partnership with you. We offer 3 and 6 month retainer packages that YOU build based on your goals.

ALL monthly retainer Mentor Coaching Packages include:

Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching sessions. There are formats to choose from:

  • 3-way calls with Bruce and your client where Bruce observes you coaching for 30 minutes and then coaches you for 30 minutes.
  • You record (using our conference line) a 60 minute coaching conversation with your client. Bruce listens the to recording and then coaches you for 60 minutes.
  • Bruce does not observe your coaching and coaches you for 60 minutes on topics you bring to the conversation, that are directly related to your coaching.
  • Unlimited coach access between scheduled sessions
  • Laser coaching: 15 minute coaching sessions when you find yourself in need of real time coaching (subject to coach availability)
  • Total commitment to your success
  • Assured full confidentiality

Optional add-ons

  • Selection of psychometric assessments (i.e EQi,
  • Strength Deployment Inventory, etc)
  • Live Action Coaching

Ready to get down to business?

What Clients Are Saying

“Hiring Bruce to be my Mentor Coach is one of the best investments I have ever made in my coaching career! I knew that working with a mentor coach would help me elevate my self-awareness and competence as an executive coach. Bruce created a powerful space for me to reflect on my coaching through his positive energy, his exceptional coaching skills, and insightful observations. My personal learning through this mentor coach relationship was profound and left me feeling invigorated, confident and absolutely committed to my growth as a coach. I can’t say enough about my positive experience with Bruce and would highly recommend him to anyone who is committed to learning and growing professional with the support of a master in the field. ”

Diane Lloyd
CEO, Inspired Results Group BC

Diane Lloyd
Faith Mansfield

“Bruce was a fantastic mentor coach as I completed my Personal and Professional Coaching Certification. He always helped me see the much bigger implications of any concern, goal, or question that I brought to him. He wasn’t afraid to challenge my thinking over and over, and with humour, connection, compassion, and curiosity. In the end, he helped me develop an entirely new lens for my work, focusing on what I enjoy and what I have to offer the world, rather than what I think I ‘should’ offer. I highly recommend Bruce.”

Faith Mansfield
Senior Consultant at Hill + Knowlton Strategies Canada, Ottawa